The Blue Ridge Porsche Boxster Summit
Blue Ridge
Boxster Summit 2024
May 30th - June 2nd

Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

BRBS Merchandise: 
To get BRBS merchandise: The Blue Ridge Boxster Summit has teamed with nationally known clothier Lands' End to provide our event merchandise. The Planning Committee chose to go with Lands' End because of the clothing quality, the wide selection of styles and sizes, and the availability of merchandise before and after the event.
You can order your event gear now, have it delivered directly to your home, pre-wash it, wear it around town so your friends will know where you're going in June, then wear it to and during the event. If you see someone wearing something at the event and you find yourself wanting one of your own, simply place an order after the event, and proudly wear it year 'round.

Instead of being limited to four unisex sizes, many Lands' End products include men's and women's standard sizes, as well as short, regular, tall and big sizes. Just about any product can be embroidered with the BRBS logo, resulting in hundreds of merchandise options. Also, many overstock items can receive the event logo.
A perennial logo has been designed so that your merchandise can be worn year after year. The price for the embroidered logo is $5.50 per item, plus the regular cost of the item, plus shipping. Also, Lands' End will add a surcharge of $5.50 per item for orders of less than six per product style. Lands End has a liberal definition of "product style" with basically seven different clothing product styles.

If you and your significant other choose not to order six items of the same product style (remember, this is a four day event!), consider placing a group order with others from your area. Group orders will also hold down shipping costs. Check the roster of partcipants and see who you might be able to contact from your area to join in a group order with you

To order:

1) Grab your Lands' End catalog, or visit the website at for a complete selection of merchandise. Call 1-800-338-2000 to place a voice order or order on-line by clicking on "Business Outfitters," although keep in mind that just about anything on Lands' End can be logoed, not just the items in Business Outfitters.

2) If ordering by voice/telephone, you can logo both "corporate sales" items and other items in the Lands' End general store and overstock section. Online ordering is limited to the "corporate sales" which has its own overstock section.

3) For online ordering, register a user name and password and use the logo number 0120054 and customer number 3518428. These numbers will also be given to the operator for voice/telephone orders.

4) Select your items, colors, styles, and sizes. Keep in mind the logo is blue and silver, and the merchandise color should complement the logo. For example, a grey polo shirt will not show off the Arctic Silver logo printing very well, nor will a royal blue background color.

5) Enter shipping and billing instructions and your order will be on its way!!

If you encounter any difficulty, please contact the Planning Committee so we can expedite your concerns with the BRBS contact person at Lands End.

Now, go place your order!!




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